In an incident that left Munyengeri villagers in Chivi shell-shocked, a woman who had gone for a church service returned home naked after she was allegedly raped by an unknown assailant last week.

The woman (name withheld) under Chief Chipindu was allegedly raped while on her way to a Sunday service and was held hostage for more than four hours before the perpetrator released her without her clothes.

However, a housewife is said to have sent a message alleging that the woman was not raped but she (the housewife) had taken away the victim’s clothes after finding her making love to her husband in a bush.

There was free drama as the sad story unfolded. Many villagers, at first thought the victim had lost her senses but were later made to believe the rape story. The rape case has since been reported at Gwitima Police station in Chivi. Masvingo Police provincial spokesperson Inspector Tinaye Matake could not comment on the story but Police sources at Chivi confirmed it.

The victim claimed that the rapist robbed her of her clothes, handbag and $12 cash that was in the pockets before he vanished. However, a conflicting statement emerged in the village saying the alleged victim was not raped but was found making love to someone’s husband and the wife took her clothes as a way to fix her.
The wife in question is alleged to have sent a message to the victim’s relatives dismissing the rape allegations and told them that she took the clothes after finding the two love birds making love in a bush.

source: myzimbabwe

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