Woman Stripped Naked, the young lady was messing around with a married man and the man’s wife was not too pleased about this.

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    1. This can happen to a single lady, the man's wife is just weekend, how can she naked a fellow woman like her. As a matter of fact when the man was born was the penis named after the woman alone. I expect the woman to fight with her husband and not the lady. Most men are cuprit

  1. Its good 4 her!!! Hopeless fool! Lesson 2 oda prostitutes dat call em selves humanbein!

  2. Is never a new tin, sleeping wit married men ll never stop cox dis girls ar lazy bones only become a tiger ad hard working on bed. Fools

  3. hmmm na wa oo……..bt my own be say we dey here dey look for woman and there they ar busy wth married men hmmm…..let they come to me I wll gv it to them more than any married man on earth…..Sama is lookin for one just one.

  4. married women try not to let urselves go and get lazy bcos u fink u have deres always one fast gurl looking for ready made. And u young gurls to look for your own man abeg!

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  6. if l were the her husband this moment l will send her packing to her parents house, 4 disgracing her husband in public, one thing we women did nt understand is dat we can never guide our men nt to be dating other girls….l will never be in support of such disgrace because by some woman…… caughting your husband with another woman so what? we women should note that men r made 4 many woman while women r made 4 just one man….this is ridiculous idea pls….

    1. Siter,i love what you said,but you don't need to put it on here cuz some guy will act kiddy,it true talk….did we men has two end,when we are married we need to put all those rubbish aside and focus on our family….Honest is very good on both in Marriage

    2. Wait, are you saying that Woman need to be cheated on? That it's ok?! Woman have shit rights and you supporting the Man who cheats?! What the heck?! What kind of woman are you? "we women should note that men r made 4 many woman while women r made 4 just one man"

  7. Nora, if u r free today, do u know how your children will end up in life? of supporting the woman who fought another woman all becos her husband was have sex with another, which means his wife was nt good enough on bed, permit me to ask u dis question, b4 u got married to your husband how did him find u? nd do u mean to tell me u have never dated a man who as a wife? pls don't be in support of evil becos nobody is a saint in this life…..Am sorry if my words are foul words but the truth must be told…one love.

  8. women is high time we just have to wake up nd face the reality of life, nt how best u can save your marriage, but use God intervention and wisdom , becos no matter how best u r in bed who want to cheat can still cheated on u….

  9. my dear brother T Kazi, u r right, but Note dat all fingers are nt equal, if mr A is good today is becos of the way his parents brought him up like wise we ladies as well, there is no how, some men most cheated on there wives becos of one or two reasons, all l am saying is we ladies should learn to control angers in other 4 us nt to lose what we love most…..did she think disgracing her husband will makes her to be a proud mother? offcos no, but using prayers and God intervention, seek his wisdom l believe u can cook a rock and that rock will be well cooked…Thanks brother Kazi, Have a splendid Eid…