BeverlyOsu2_that1960chickdotcomEveryone knows who is. For some who might not, she’s the Nigerian female representative inside the on going Big Brother House: The Chase reality show. She’s a known model/video vixen, so being half nude or totally naked might not be anything extraordinary to her.

It’s either that, she doesn’t care being seen naked or she does not know, but any which way her shower video at the BB show has been released by someone and it has become a hit amongst voyeurs/voyeuses. One would have thought that having watched several series of the past Big Brother episodes, she of all people would have known that those mirrors inside the bathroom have cameras behind them. At least if we all can remember, as much as Karen Igho, the winner of the last edition of the BB show was vilified for having done nude photographs before entering the house, she made sure that her modesty was not unnecessarily exposed to the whole world, during shower hour. Karen always bathed in her under-wears, she could have shown to many those man mountain more, if she had thought it was okay. The idea is we have not yet matured enough in this part of the world for open show of soft porn.

So like we said at the very beginning, it’s either she knew what was up and didn’t care and that might be a ploy to get people to keep her in the house or she was totally ignorant, and we find that very hard to believe. Anyways it is her body.

Click Here to see Beverly Osu shower scene.


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