The rate at which nudity is being leaked these days is very alarming, it’s becoming difficult to open your facebook page in public cos you never know when you get tagged or a friend comments on a nude pics.

Recently the video of a university of Lagos student while her friend was recording it got leaked, I wonder what she was thinking.

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    1. God save our nation. my wonder is that all these girls are in school dancing naked! so what cn them offer the world at large after school? what a pity.

  1. They all want to become Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and so on and so forth. First, I will advice them to change their nationality and leave this country. We have a culture, it is not African and it will never be our culture to go naked in a public place.

  2. just whores and hookers advertising. shame to thier parents for presenting this set for our society. there fathers must be drunkards and mother whores.

  3. well is a pity because in developed world were they dress like this they take care of their skin and born down their fats.they should keep in shape if this is how they have choose to dress.they should see the skin and fitness of those they are tring to copy.this am seeing is baes who dnt gym and too much fats which is not attractive at all.

  4. The end of the world is coming to an end that is why all this rubbish nude,naked pictures are on parade on our websites,well god should just help us