Three headed venomous Python found in Port harcourt


was an discovery yesterday when a - snake was loitering around a bush part at Okpo local Government area in . Residents there have since then introduced new methods wading off snakes and other unwanted reptiles in that area. Nothing its kind has been found before, and this actually qualifies for a real discovery mutations finding its way down to the African environment despite how belief that we were usually not susceptible to sudden changes, especially when comes to mutations. The snake is faster, but noisier in its movement, which makes a little hard to conceal itself, but still much more dangerous than every other snakes, experts say. Animal Control experts have found their way to the area and presently working on getting the snake caged for study, and to see if there are others of its kind in the environment as claim such a snake could kill in less than a minute of attacking its prey.

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