Photos From The Most Expensive Nigerian Wedding This Year 2013


On Saturday 2nd February 2013, an esteemed guestlist of family and friends gathered at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Victoria Island and then Eko Hotel to celebrate the wedding of Gozy Ekeh and Tolu Ijogun. We have to say that Gozy & Tolu’s wedding was absolutely magnificent!

Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija016-600x480 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija015-600x400 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija055-600x400 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija049-600x400 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija011-600x400 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija081-400x600 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija105-600x400 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija104-600x400 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-2-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija002-600x400 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija008-400x600 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija038-600x399 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija074-400x600 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija036-600x399 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija001-600x400 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija020-600x400 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija010-400x600 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija030-400x600 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija007-400x600 Gozy-Ekeh-Tolu-Ijogun-White-Wedding-BellaNaija-Weddings-February-2013-BellaNaija071-400x600The bride Gozy was couture princess in her exquisite all-lace wedding dress custom-made by Phillipa Lepley. With crystals encrusted all through the dress, it glistened in the sunlight streaming through the glass windows of the church as Gozy walked down the aisle to meet her groom Tolu who looked handsome in his bespoke blue suit paired with  gold bow-tie.  Following the nuptial ceremony at church, as soon as guests arrived at the reception, they walked through decadent entrance tunnel towards the Expo Centre of Eko Hotel.

In keeping with the wedding colours, a royal purple carpet was laid out while heart-warming gold-framed pictures of the from pre and post engagement eras adorned the walls. It was instantly clear that this wedding would be all about personal touches, after all, love is in the details!

Everyone was greeted at the reception area with refreshing cocktails and a saxophonist playing sweet melodies. On entrance into the hall, the decor proved to be nothing short of spectacular! Guests had entered into Gozy and Tolu’s gorgeous Modern Italian Garden. Gold satin and purple table cloths and runners spread across tables including napkins with the couple’s ‘GT’ wedding logo, the showpiece garden was simply unique complete with exotic  flowers, plants, Roman inspired statues and the couple’s all-white multi-tier cake.

While their bridesmaids and groomsmen paved the way as they danced in anticipation of the couple’s arrival, Gozy and Tolu emerged from the glass staircases on opposite sides of the hall, as they descended, waved and danced to their specially housed Gazebo across the hall, they were all smiles and certainly weren’t shy of showing off their dancing skills.  After a scrumptious meal, guests were treated to a truly touching video documentary entitled ‘A Lifelong Journey’. The video included loved ones relaying their feelings about Tolu and Gozy, individually and as a unit, giving loving anecdotes and offering well wishes. The documentary outro presented a mini making-of-the-wedding video, which was a true testimony to all the hard work that was put into this momentous day.

Music performances by Tiwa Savage, Naeto C and Iyanya added even more flavour to the festivities as everyone got up and grooved along! Irrespective of the wedding being over 1000 people strong, what stood out most was the intimate feel and a true sense of love and unification was in the air as the university sweethearts entered the next chapter in their lives.

BN wishes Gozy and Tolu a very blessed and joyful life together as one.