Kim Kardashian posts new photo of her big butt on Instagram


Women are notorious for thinking their bums look big even when they don’t. But when it comes to ? Erm, no comment.

The 31-year-old has posted yet another impressive picture of her prized posterior online, captioning the snap: “Ummm in a fitting with @MonicaRoseStyle. I think my butt looks too big in these jeans.”

She said it!

Somehow Kim’s bottom seems to get more fiercely curvaceous and imposing year upon year.

Some of her followers certainly think so.

One person commented, “Eeeeeeeee I’ve gone blind,” with another politely saying, “@kimkardashian, those pants are not meant for curvy women. You have an Amazon body and those do no justice. Not a good look.”

But Kim’s bum also has its fans, with one person commenting, “Love it baby.”

Meanwhile, debate raged over whether the bum is the real deal.

“It’s the implants on her a– cheeks that are deforming and the silicone is needing to be redone,” proclaimed one apparent expert.

“I think this pic could confirm that it’s not fake,” rebutted another.

Ah, the joys of social media! Kim certainly knows how to pull a crowd.