Kanye West Caught Flashing His Pants On Date With Kim Kardashian (Wardrobe Malfunction)


always looks picture perfect, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for current squeeze , who appeared to have a wardrobe malfunction yesterday while on a with the reality star.

The rapper, sporting black leather trousers, black t-shirt, Timberland boots and dark blue velvet jacket looked smart as always, but his outfit was ruined by the ill-fitting trousers, which exposed and upper thigh as he stepped out of the car.

Meanwhile Kim, who would never commit such a fashion faux pas, looked elegant in flattering tight leather trousers, white waterfall jacket and expensive-looking Louboutin heels.

It appears that Kanye may have enjoyed a drink or two at dinner, as the worse for wear rapper was not only was spotted his bits, but later pulled silly faces behind his unsuspecting girlfriend as they headed into his apartment.

However despite his cheeky antics, its very clear that the two are currently head-over-heels for each other as they strolled side by side, holding hands and giggling together.