Is Janet Jackson now a Muslim?


Why is she all covered up? Well, she’s dating a billionaire man, Wissam al Mana, the MD of luxury corporate group Al Mana Retail in the Middle East…and they are rumoured to be getting married soon….and would probably convert to Islam to please him!



    1. enuf thanks for her life. But i dont like de way dis dis is spread that its to please her man. If it was xtianity, wudnt u say she is converting cuz she was ministered to? Pls mind ya choice of words. Pls

    1. Why non-muslim cannot enter to makkah?
      Why they kill non-muslim people???

    2. Can we build church in Makkah?

      Islam build many mosques in the world.

      This is unfair…………..

    3. Islamic people attack all religions in the world. This is not called open religion or peace religion.