I Have 57 Tattoos On My Body – Tonto Dikeh


is one actress that has never been free of controversies. When you talk of an actress that seems not to be bothered by controversies, Tonto comes to mind first.
After been runner up ofthe AMBO reality TV show in 2006, this light skinned Rivers State born make-believe queen has turned deaf ear to the many bad stories following her.
Tonto, a Petrol Chemical graduate revealed recently the number of she has on her . When recently asked if the tattoo on her neck was the only one on her , this actress, who was recently, involved in two different soft porn movies, Dirty Game and Strippers in Love, said, ‘I just did a recount, i have got 57 , wow, Mrs Lil Wayne coming through”. , though hated by some people, has now become a fashionable thing on young people. While some are looking for ways to remove them, some are dying to have one or more on their bodies. With serious condemnation pouring out on her taking part in those soft porn movies, Tonto has added another to it. Out of this curiosity, she was asked what she was doing with those numbers of on her body, this lkwere lady simply replied, ‘it is my body, no question’. The , as we leamt, runs through all parts of her body. One of the has the name ‘Tee‘ inscribed on her leg. Just recently, scientists warned those wearing to erase them as the heat of next year would have diverse and harmful effects on their bodies if not erased. This according to the scientists, the heat radiation from the sun, when touching the tattooed part of the body, could cause a severe skin cancer as a result of lead contained in tattoo ink. The lead, according to scientists, is very harmful to the skin.
The question here is if Tonto knows about the danger the 57 Tattoos pose to her lovely light and soft skin? Tonto Dikeh is one Nollywood actress that is always making the news any day any time.
The only thing is that, she is most times on the bad side of the news. Whether she is doing this intentionally to stay relevant in the industry or not, is one thing that is yet to be unravelled. Your darling screen beau revealed to RW’s amazement recently that she does not want to give birth to her own kids. Though not excited about tying the knots soon, she admits the joy of every lady is to get . The Nollywood actress has the hope of adopting kids though. Maybe she does not want to go through the pains of child delivery. Does Tonto want to go the way of American song diva, Beyonce? Beyonce recently shocked Jay Z when she said she does not want to go through the pain of child bearing.