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Abuja– According to an unconfirmed and highly unreliable source, the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, might be a member of dreaded international cult, the .

The unbelievable source claims that the president, who is a few months into his first full term, has the Illuminati to thank for his election victory.

The source further claims that GEJ became a member of the cult by virtue of membership of his political party, but he has since risen in rank within the cult and has now attained the position of grand master commanding.

Several proofs have been tended to substantiate the claim, foremost being the PDP’s logo.

According to the source, PDP’s umbrella logo is simply a disguised pyramid – pyramids being one of the Illuminati’s sacred secret symbols.

Another clue that has been staring Nigerians in the eye is the president’s penchant for black garments with a tinge of gold; both, colours associated with the cult.

Perhaps the most glaring clue as far as the source is concerned, is the refusal of the president to attend debates prior to elections, choosing instead to grant an interview to Nigerian star entertainer, D’Banj, who is himself a confirmed rumoured member of the Illuminati.

The source further claimed that Mr President’s recent decision to seek a single 6 year term for presidents and state governors is nothing but a tribute to one of Illuminati’s most sacred numbers: 6.

If indeed GEJ is a member of the Illuminati, Nigerians should be really worried as this would be a serious break from tradition and the consequences will be as dire as they are unpredictable.

Former rulers of the Nation have been members of local cults such as Ogboni and lodge, and the people know how to deal with these. But Illuminati is new to Nigeria and it is feared that only musicians and actors, who are also members, will benefit from this president.

– Jowo Mabinu,  Read more: .com

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